What We Provide

    Hassle-Free Living
    An emotional support animal letter for housing allows you to live with your pet in a no-pet policy rental apartment without any hassles. If you possess an ESA letter, your landlord cannot deny your accommodation or charge any additional pet fees.
    Fly In-Cabin
    Most people with mental conditions face issues when traveling on a flight. An emotional support animal letter for travel allows you to fly with your pet in-cabin without paying any extra charges.
    Live And Fly
    Having a pet in your life can help you manage your mental condition effectively. With a 2-in-1 emotional support animal letter, you can enjoy both the benefits of living and flying with your pet hassle-free and without paying any extra charges.

    Emotional Support Animal

    Improving your life

    An ESA is an animal that helps a person manage their mental or emotional condition. Mostly any domesticated animal such as a dog, cat, mice, rabbit, ferret, or bird can be registered as an emotional support animal. ESAs are scientifically proven to provide therapeutic benefits to people struggling with mental conditions such as depression and anxiety. 

    Several studies support this argument and have shown their impact on the lives of people. Having an emotional support animal in your life means no end to your happiness. The love and care they provide cannot be replicated by any other being. Their innocence and purity are traits that make them so therapeutic. Most people suffering from a mental health condition suffer from loneliness. And who better to have as a companion than an emotional support animal. 

    Emotional support animal’s unconditional compassion and support will help keep you immune from conditions like depression and anxiety. Having a pet will also mean you will do more exercise. Mental conditions are more prone to happen to people who isolate themselves from everyone. An emotional support animal is an effective way to treat your social anxiety. They can even help you overcome the barriers associated with the growing age. They exhibit positive energy and make you feel better and younger. If your pet helps you in the same manner, we can help you get an emotional support animal letter pdf right away. 

    Emotional Support Animal Vs Service Animal

    Understand the difference

    Most people often wonder if emotional support animals and service animals are a same thing. But that is not the case. ESAs and service animals serve different purposes and have their own laws. Where service animals are for people with a physical disability who require them for various daily tasks, emotional support animals help people suffering from mental conditions by providing them moral and emotional support. Service animals must be trained to perform specific tasks as physically disabled people need their assistance for several essential functions. On the other hand, an emotional support animal requires no training as they are born with the ability to love and care unconditionally.

    Why Choose Us

    We care for you

    We are well renowned in Phoenix for our licensed mental health professionals. Our team is highly qualified and experienced in providing emotional support animal letters to individuals suffering from a mental health condition. We recognize that our country is going through a mental health crisis. And our mission is to help recover our patients’ illnesses and alleviate their suffering. We believe that animal therapy works better than several pharmaceuticals when it comes to managing psychological disorders like stress, anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

    Our mission and visions are simple and clear. We want to be the nation’s most trusted emotional support animal letter provider. And we work round the clock to make sure that our patients get the care and treatment they need. We have combined our expertise and technology to build a system that makes it convenient for people to get ESA letters. We are expanding access to care and we are on the road to making this possible.


    If your pet helps manage your mental health, you deserve all the advantages that come with an ESA letter.


    The Air Carriers Access Act allows individuals suffering from a mental condition to travel in-cabin on flights with their pets. An emotional support animal is allowed to either sit near the feet or on the owner’s lap while on the flight. If you are planning to travel with your ESA on a flight, you must inform the airline service provider at least 48 hours prior to the time of departure. Also, consider learning the airline’s ESA laws before booking your flight with an airline service provider.

    With an emotional support animal letter, you not only get to travel with your ESA in-cabin but also without paying any additional fees. If you have a pet that takes care of your mental health condition, get an emotional support animal letter and access the privileges that come with it. It’s your right. Exercise it! Just make sure that your ESA is at its best behavior at the airport and on the flight.


    The Fair Housing Act allows individuals with mental conditions to live with their pet in a no-pet policy rental apartment without any hassles. Not only your landlord cannot deny your residence but also has to make appropriate accommodations in the policy to make room for your pet. The FHA restricts the landlord from making any request for your detailed medical records or ask about your medical condition. They also cannot ask about your pet’s training or its performance in certain tasks like service animals.

    You might be wondering if your landlord refuses then what? According to emotional support animal laws, if a landlord fails to comply, they can be sued and booked for violation. Generally, people who fail to comply with the emotional support animal laws are unaware of their existence. So, it is all the more important that you understand about these rights yourself and get an ESA letter for housing.

    Mental Health

    Emotional support animals can help manage your mental health. More than 40 million people suffer from a mental condition in the country. There are several treatment options available but there is nothing like having an emotional support animal managing your mental condition. They have proven to help people suffering from mental and emotional conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, and several others. Having an emotional support animal in your life is an experience you must have. Their love and care can melt away all the stress in your life.

    You may have tried several medications for your treatment. Mostly these medications are addictive and cause several serious side effects. But emotional support animal treatment might be addictive but causes no side effect. An ESA letter can make your pet an emotional support animal that means it will help you access the benefits that come with it.

    Emotional Support Animal Laws

    Know Your Rights
    Fair Housing Act

    This act allows people suffering from mental conditions to live with their pet in a no-pet policy rental apartment without any hassles. Landlords have to make necessary accommodations in their policies to allow the patient to live with their ESA if they possess an ESA letter for housing. 

    Air Carriers Access Act

    This act allows individuals with mental conditions to fly with their pet in-cabin without paying any additional fees. With an ESA recommendation, you can manage your mental health condition more effectively. You will also save an additional $125 per flight with an ESA letter.

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    Most Common Pets For Emotional Support

    Emotional Support Dog

    Dogs make great pets and companions. They are one of the most common emotional support animals in the country. Said to be human’s best friend, they live up to their reputation. Research says an emotional support dog can help an individual by bringing happiness in their lives. They possess a quality that makes them such great comfort givers. That is probably why most people choose them to be their emotional support. They have proven to be extremely useful in managing several mental health conditions like depression, PTSD, and stress. And getting an emotional support dog is not difficult at all. You can visit a shelter home and get your favorite breed as your emotional support animal. The best part is you need not require to train it. You might have to potty train him but officially you don’t require to train your pet to make it a legitimate emotional support animal.  Through our process, you can get an emotional support animal letter pdf instantly and access the benefits that come with it. 

    Emotional Support Cat

    Cats are one of the most interesting animals. They can sleep unperturbed and have the ability to ignore you at their free will. But they are always there when you need them. Which is what makes them great emotional support animals. They do come with certain tantrums but that is what makes your life worth living. When you are lonely, sad, and are feeling depressed, they will make it their mission to bring a smile to your face. And that is not that difficult credit to their beautiful cat eyes. Their effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Cats are great caregivers and can help fight off several psychological conditions. If your cat helps you manage your mental condition, you too can get it an emotional support animal letter. You can experience living and flying with it without any hassles. They can make your life less complicated and more meaningful. Get an ESA letter and access all the benefits that come with it. They are your rights. Exercise them!