24 Jan

In case you might be asking yourself “Why should I purchase a pet ?”. Well, it is quite simple actually. Think about it a pet that loves you unconditionally. Waits for you to return home all day. Guards you and your honor. A pet is like a companion. But, you should know this, there is no one perfect pet for everyone. Many people look at it differently too. Having to clean up after them all the time. All the hair that falls around. In my own experience, I think you should have a look at why you should own them. 

A Pet’s Love Will Never Fail

Loneliness can be an unwelcome companion no matter what you rage may be. The animal that you have bonded with will always love you. I think knowing that your pet is always there for you is probably more than any other person will be. 

Caring For Someone Other Than Yourself is Actually a Better Way of Living

Giving and getting a little care and affection is good is it not. Especially if it gets you off the couch. It will definitely help you see what is real. And take your mind off the troublesome things. It is very common with people with mental health issues. They use dogs as their companion. It is called an Emotional support animal.

Safeguards You All The Time 

Some pets like dogs are very protective towards their owners. They provide significant security. When you think about it, potentially any thieves entering  your home is less likely when there is a dog barking on the other side. Even if it weighs only 8 pounds. 

I Bet You Wouldn’t Have known This

Just the simple act of petting your dog can lower your blood pressure. It keeps you stress free and happy!!. A stress free environment is a must according to me. In today’s date and time there is so much work pressure, family pressure and so on. To get away from all that i would seriously consider anything. Well why not a pet then !!. 

Fitness Can Be Achieved

People are about fitness these days. What better way can there be. Owning a pet means, you will have to take it out for a walk and sometimes struggle to run. But, let me inform you that a good physical health can extend your life, boost your immunity, lower the risk of obesity. 

By now I am very sure I have convinced you to own a dog. But i still have a few more reasons to keep you interested. 

You Can Strike Out Your Social Awkwardness 

A pet is an amazing ice breaker. It is very too. Example: If you take your pet for a walk. A variety of people come forward, and ask you questions and talk to you. In this manner you find people with similar interests interacting with you already. In case you didn’t know there are social groups for pet owners. People meet at their cat cafes, dog parks with their furry little icebreakers.

A Purpose in Life 

Everyone goes through different aspects of their lives. I would like to call them the high or the low point in ones life. Some individuals are overwhelmed with negative thoughts or feelings. They feel like they have no direction or purpose in life. Nevertheless, when you own a pet you will have the purpose of knowing that you are responsible for another living being. And their existence depends upon your well being. Certain routines and schedules that will become habitual will provide an increased arrangement for the human owner. 

Do You Have Children at Home? …Even Better!

The relationship between a child and a pet in even more pure and heart warming. You can say it is unique and special. Not only are pets good for the emotional health of a child they also have a sense of responsibility towards each other. It’s true, you must have seen hundreds or videos on social media. Where there are pets and children having the time of their life. Such videos just want to make you give them a heart don’t they?

Are You Laughing Yet?

Watching your cat chase a beam of light or your dog chase its own tail. These kind of silly yet funny things make you laugh. In an overwhelming world these funny and happy moments are to be treasured. Among many other benefits you should also know that laughing can burn those calories!

Best of all they also strengthen your resilience, make your mood better and definitely reduce stress. As if that is not enough. 

An Investment of a Lifetime 

At the end of the day, it is about the commitment you have with your pet. It helps you make positive decisions as you get older. And yes they do have only 12-15 years of life. But wait, let me tell you something having a pet means that you have taken an oath to be involved in another life other than your own.

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