05 Jan

Dogs and Humans: An Eternal Love Story

Do you believe that true love exists? If you think about it, the answer would be a yes, especially if you are a Romeo and Juliet fan. But, somehow, eternal love stories always seem to be a part of fictional novels or some fantasy world. Precisely why, a lot of skeptics relate it to the genre of farce. Obviously those people never had a chance to live in a dog’s world. It actually feels like two worlds are getting swirled up into one another. Like finding a new orange after mixing a red and a yellow. That’s how humans and dogs share an eternal bond with each other.

Dogs and Humans- The History Says it All

Before any known domesticated animal such as horses, cats, or goats; dogs were part of the human race. No one might not be able to comment on how dogs replaced wolves (their ancestors). But as far as we can find, canines have been a part of our human history for approximately 30,000 years. No wonder historians refer them as a “man’s best friend”. And it is not a fiction anymore. 

The researchers and the scientists working on canine remains in some of the archaeological sites confirmed that dogs followed the human race all these years across countries. They quickly became an indispensable part of humans starting from being a part of hunting spree to being a companion. Some of the examples can help you find a connection. For instance, Aborigines and Inuits started with the tradition of bringing the furry companions in the bedroom. 

Here is another story of a dog named Arthur. He was an Ecuadorian street dog who followed a team of hikers for at least 430 miles without stopping. He did not leave them even at the last stretch that was otherwise thought to be forbidden. Simply put, it meant that your dog won’t leave you alone ever even during the times of adversities. That’s how faithful and loyal they are to their owners or the ones who befriend them. 

Dogs and Humans- The Story of Their Bond Evolving Together

In case you might be asking yourself the reasons for such a strong bond between the two, the answer is pretty simple. Humans are social animals and so are dogs. That’s what makes the partnership so pure and natural. It’s like a symbiotic relationship where the dogs lessen their owner’s emotional and physical worries. On the other hand, the owners provide nourishment and care for their furry companions. That’s why mental health specialists are recommending them as emotional support animals. 

Turns out this long companionship has helped dogs understand human speech perfectly. A study by Eötvös Loránd University looked into the scans of 13 dogs while they were listening to their owners. Scientists found that dogs’ reward centers lit up when their trainers starting praising them. It’s astonishing that their brains work similarly to ours. 

Dogs and Humans- The Love Gaze

Ever thought why those eyes make your heart flutter? Or why are you fixed onto each other? Or why the dog’s tail starts wagging?  It’s the locked gaze that makes you madly in love with your four-legged companion. That’s the ultimate key to the never-ending bond between humans and dogs. It’s not a random fact. Rather studies and research has confirmed this phenomenon

A study by the Japanese scientists found that dog owners experienced a 300 percent increase in levels of oxytocin, also referred to as love or cuddle hormone. And it was a result of spending merely 30 minutes with each other. And all they did was gaze in each other eyes. And that’s just one side of the story. Another study conducted by a neuroscientist Paul Zack found that there was a significant increase in the levels of oxytocin in the dogs as well. And the number elevated, even more, when there was a substantial increase in the time spend in gazing each other’s eyes. 

Final Thoughts

If you understand the story behind an eternal love story, then it would be not difficult to relate dog-human companionship with the same. There are many activities that have helped humans bond with their furry friends such as play dates, cuddling, sloppy kisses, walks, and a lot more. Such interactions play a critical role in developing a foundation that seems unbreakable for a few more centuries. Scientists define these types of relationships as “unique interspecific interactions” that induce positivity around both the entities involved. 

In short, nobody wishes any harm during the partnership.  One yearns for care and nourishment while the other wishes for unconditional love without any judgments. That’s how this relationship managed to surpass such a long time frame pretty easily.

So, what does this mean for you?

You will get constant attention and devoted companionship. In fact, life with a dog will feel like heaven. And it’s not just about that. The research revealed that the canine-human relationship has both physical and emotional benefits. So, if you are a dog owner or thinking to own one, here’s why dogs can turn out to be your special ones.

  • No more stressful days or nights
  • No more heart troubles ( Well, I mean cardiovascular issues, not heartbreaks)
  • No more depression
  • No more social anxieties or breakdowns
  • No more breaks in your everyday physical activities
  • No more loneliness

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