14 Jan

Many animals can provide emotional support to people suffering from certain mental and emotional illness. Such animals are called emotional support animals, and their basic purpose is to provide emotional support to their owners. Every ESA is unique and possesses different qualities. You should always choose ESA pets according to your lifestyle and requirements. 

But, there are certain characteristics that every good ESA should have. So, if you are looking for ESA pets, you should look for these characteristics. Here are some of the practical considerations and traits every ESA pet should have.

What Practical Characteristics Are we Talking About?

When deciding what animals to choose to be your ESA pets, the most important thing you must consider is their physical characteristics. You have to consider how these characteristics will impact your life when they are your pets. For example, if someone lives in an NYC studio, it won’t be possible for them to own animals like ponies or peacocks; they would need to consider that fits with their living conditions.

How Big The Pet is?

Do you travel a lot? And what’s the size of your house? You have to consider these two things first when looking for an emotional support animal. Especially if you fly a lot. Most of the flight won’t allow larger animals, so you would need to get an animal that is not too large in size.

‘Their’ Friends

Yes, it is about your pet’s “friends”. There are certain animals that would need some company from their own species. If left alone, they can get stressed and anxious. One such species is guinea pigs. These social creatures live in groups and keep the only one can be really cruel. It’s even illegal in Switzerland to keep only one guinea pig! Though, there’s no such rule in the U.S., but, it’s important for you to keep these animals in a pair at least, to keep them healthy. And if you think you can’t handle two animals at a time, consider some other options for your ESA.


You have to be sure whether the animal you are considering is legal or not in your state to be an emotional support animal. There are many exotic and unusual animals that are considered illegal to be owned as pets in a few states. Every state has slightly different rules regarding emotional support animals, so make sure you are familiar with all the laws and rules of your state. Also, choosing a “normal” animal can be a better way to avoid any trouble while traveling with them in public transport. For example, many cafes allow dogs to enter the place but would not welcome an iguana in.


Many people suffer from certain allergies that even they don’t unless they own a pet. So, when you are looking to get an ESA, consider allergies of your family members too, especially children. Interact with your potential ESAs before making the decision of getting one. You can also look for some hypoallergenic options.

What Are The Key Qualities we Must Look For in an ESA?

If you are still confused about choosing the perfect ESA, don’t worry. Go through these various personal elements that can help you choose a good ESA for yourself. 

  • Your ESAs should be friendly – a good ESA should be friendly to you, your friends and family, and strangers as well. If your ESAs are not friendly, they might cause a few problems in public places.
  • Serene and consistent – it’s important for your ESAs to have good traits and stay calm all the time. They have to be there when you need them. In public places, they should behave properly, so that no one else is bothered.
  • They must be gentle – choosing outgoing and rough-and-tumble animals as normal pets can be great. But, they won’t make good ESAs. The animals should be calm and gentle if you looking for ESAs.
  • Make sure they are reliable, even in unusual surroundings – this is very important if you suffer from problems like anxiety or panic attacks. Your ESAs should stay calm and help you even in stressful social situations. They won’t be able to help you if they become stressed themselves.
  • Attentive – your ESAs should be attentive and alert when you need them.
  • Cuddly – this one is a personal choice. I love to cuddle my pets, but it’s fine if you are not much of a fan of cuddling too much. 

You have to think carefully before choosing the perfect ESAs for yourself. They must match your personality, lifestyle, and conditions. From physical characteristics to their qualities, everything should be considered. ESAs can help you fight your anxiety, stress, and depression. So, make sure you have the right one for yourself.

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