20 May

Being home-bound can have negative impacts on mental health. According to the CDC, stress during the COVID-19 can lead to various health issues. These include trouble sleeping & concentrating, worsening of chronic illnesses, change in eating patterns, and anxiety.

Research says that living with emotional support animals can help boost mental wellness. The animal-assisted therapy provides natural effects.

So, how can an ESA help you manage anxiety, stress, depression, etc.? Is pet therapy better than prescription medications? How to register your emotional support animal Phoenix during the coronavirus lockdown? Let’s shed light on these topics.

The Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy

Scientists have conducted comprehensive studies to find the role of emotional support animals in boosting mental health. As a result, animal-assisted therapy has become a vital part of the mental health treatment. And, more patients with mental illnesses are now opting for emotional support animals.

Listed below are 5 major ways ESAs can help support mental health-

They Reduce Stress

Medical studies have found that spending time with emotional support animals can help reduce stress hormones cortisol and chances of high blood pressure. You can experience the positive effects just by spending 10 minutes with your pet.

Moreover, animal-assisted therapy is helpful in boosting the levels of dopamine and oxytocin. These chemicals provide calming & relaxing effects.

A study confirmed that touching and stroking the animals can help relieve anxiety. Researchers analyzed the effects of animals and toys on mental health of stressed-out adults.

They Provide Companionship

Emotional support animals can provide you social support, thus reducing the risks of isolation and loneliness. They provide unconditional love and comfort, which helps in boosting mental wellness.

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A recent Australian study evaluated the effects of psychiatric assistance dog (PAD) on 199 patients suffering from depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Researchers found that 94 percent of participants reported a reduction in anxiety symptoms through tactile stimulation. Moreover, 45 percent of them confirmed deep pressure stimulation.

Animals are amazing conversation starters. Take your emotional support animal in the street. Strangers who would never talk to you in other situations will feel like starting a conversation with you. Research says that people are more likely to open up with others when it comes to animals. 

They Develop Healthy Habits

Pets help in building healthy habits. If you have an emotional support dog or cat at home, you need to take care of them. This will automatically make you fit.

When you take your pet for a walk, it will increase your physical activity. Scientists say that exercising releases dopamine, a natural chemical that plays a vital role in regulating mood.

Since pets need to be fed regularly, thus, you need to create a feeding schedule. So, to complete all your tasks in your daily routine, you need to wake up early in the morning. In other words, pets give you a reason to wake up and get organized.

Moreover, caring for pets motivates you to pay attention to self-care. Thus, you will maintain good hygiene and eat healthy, thus boosting health.

They Improve Cardiovascular Health

Pets can help you boost your heart health in various ways. For example, they lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of heart disease.

According to the American Heart Health, pet ownership is linked to reduced cardiovascular risks (CVD), which is associated with stroke or coronary heart disease. 

Moreover, a review of 36 research studies showed positive results. It was focused on evaluating the effects of pet ownership on different factors such as blood pressure, physical activity, and heart health. 

Experts concluded that pet owners are less likely to experience heart disease, and they advise people to get pets for reducing cardiovascular risks.

They Increase Self-Esteem

Living with emotional support animals can help you boost mood and self-esteem. Researchers at Miami University and Saint Louis University concluded that owning a pet can provide you with various health benefits. These include increased self-esteem, improved physical fitness, and reduced anxiety.

The researchers conducted three studies. In the first study, they asked a set of questions related to well being and personality types from 217 people. They found that pet owners were happier and healthier than non-owners.

However, in the second study, they evaluated the feelings of pet owners. They reported that the presence of dogs helped increase self-esteem, belonging, and meaning.

Animal-Assisted Therapy vs Medications

Animal-assisted therapy is way better than medications. In fact, medications can lead to unpleasant side-effects while pet therapy provides natural results. For example, antidepressants can cause nausea, increased appetite, fatigue & drowsiness, dry mouth, sleep problems, blurred vision, anxiety, irritability, and agitation.

Moreover, pet therapy can reduce medication use. A 2007 study evaluated the effects of a therapy dog on mental health. In this study, there were 58 residents of a rehabilitation facility. Researchers noticed that the presence of the dog lowered pulse rates and improved the quality of life. Additionally, the therapy dog helped in reducing medicine use as well as long-term healthcare costs.

Getting an ESA Letter Online

Registering your pet as an emotional support animal Phoenix allows you to enjoy the benefits of animal-assisted therapy without any restrictions. You can fly with your ESA under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) without paying extra pet travel fees. Additionally, you can live with your ESA under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) without paying extra pet deposits.

However, to get an ESA letter, you need to see a licensed mental health professional. Since it’s not safe to go out in the coronavirus lockdown, you should prefer telemedicine technology. Here’s the complete process to see a therapist online-

  • Sign up an account online
  • Talk to a therapist through HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Receive your PDF emotional support animal letter via email instantly

The Takeaway

Animal-assisted therapy is proven helpful in boosting mental wellness. It can help manage various mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, ADHD, etc. Research says that spending time with an emotional support animal can help boost mood and reduce stress hormones cortisol. Moreover, caring for a dog or cat can help you build healthy habits such as regular exercise, getting up early in the morning, and self-care.

However, people face a lot of problems when living and flying with their pets. Getting an ESA letter for your pet can help you get off these problems. So, you can fly and live with your ESA without paying extra pet travel fees or deposits under federal laws.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we appeal to everyone to stay at home and take care of their families. Choose telemedicine to register your pet as an emotional support animal Phoenix.

Talk to our therapist online to get your ESA letter today!

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