22 Jun

Have you noticed how easily your mood is uplifted when you see a puppy in the park or a bird chirping on your balcony? It’s because animals have the ability to reduce your stress levels and develop positive feelings. Not knowingly of course but with their cheerful presence and pure affection. And this is why you may have heard of many hospitals and even army men use animals to lighten the mood around them. This is the basic concept of emotional support animals. 

Nowadays, people can easily get themselves an Emotional Support Animal in Phoenix if they feel that their ESA helps them with their mental condition. Are you contemplating a similar decision? If yes, then it’s important that before you make any calls, you take time to consider some important points. Let’s take a look.

Are you financially capable?

Getting an ESA is a costly affair. They can drain your wallet as easily as a toddler. Beginning with food, they eat just as much as we do and you cannot ask them to skip a meal if you are short on money. ESAs need toys to play with, a comfy bed and a sturdy leash for walks. And these are just the minor costs. ESAs need proper healthcare and regular vet visits. You need to be updated with all their vaccinations and be careful about any allergies or diseases that they might have. If we add up the costs, a dog or a cat can cost you anywhere between $1,500 to $9,900, yearly. 

Now, I don’t want to scare you with huge numbers but these are the facts. If you are not financially stable enough to care for a pet, you won’t be able to provide it a happy life. So save up and when your pocket allows such expenses only then think about getting an ESA. 

Do you have the time?

Getting an ESA is no less than having a newborn baby in the house. They need equal, if not more, attention and care. ESAs are a lifelong responsibility. Their existence depends on their owners. If your lifestyle does not give you enough time to be with the ESA, don’t get one. 

You must have the time to take them on walks at least twice a day. You have to remember to feed them food and water because they are obviously not capable to do it on their own. And most importantly, if you wish to travel and live with your ESA, you must teach them a few basic etiquettes so that they behave in public. And that training also needs your time and effort. In addition to this, animals need human interaction to be stress-free and happy tail wagging pets as we imagine them to be. So get yourself an ESA only if your lifestyle allows it.

Are you updated with the care and hygiene measures? 

If you are going to share your living space with an animal, you must ensure their proper hygiene and care. You must brush their coast regularly, clean their teeth, trim their nails and clean their ears too. But since the COVID-19 pandemic, these basic hygiene measures have got a little upgrade.

Considering the risk of COVID-19 infection, the owners need to practice social distancing and implement it with their ESAs too. Interaction with other animals or people should not be allowed anymore. And in case there is an infected person in the vicinity, pets should not be allowed to interact with them to avoid any possible chances of cross-contamination. In addition to this, pets should be disinfected with an animal approved disinfectant after every walk. And just as an extra precaution, owners should wash their hands after touching their pets. 

Is your home ESA proof?

When a baby comes, we baby proof our house. Likewise, a pet needs a pet-proof house too. There are dozens of things that are commonly present in our home but can be hazardous for a dog or a cat. For example, some house plants like spider plants and areca palm can be toxic if ingested by a cat or dog. So make your house is free of any such potential dangers.

Get rid of any loose electric chords. Do not leave any plants, small objects or human food like chewing gum within the reach of pets. And make sure that your cleaning agents or any other chemicals are not harmful for the animal. Once you can assure that your home of pet-friendly, go ahead and get yourself an Emotional Support Animal. 

Do you know why and how to register for an ESA?

You do not adopt a dog or cat and term it as an emotional support animal on your own. You will have to get it registered. Yes, it will provide you emotional support nonetheless but there are certain perks that only come with a legit ESA certification: the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carriers Access Act. Let me give you a little introduction to these laws. 

According to the Fair Housing Act, a person with a mental condition who owns a registered emotional support animal can live with the ESA even in a no-pet policy society. Your landlord cannot restrict you or ask you for extra charges as long as you have an ESA certification for your pet from a licensed medical specialist. The Air Carriers Access Act allows you to fly with your ESA in-cabin without any additional costs. Without a legit ESA certification, you will not be able to exercise any of the benefits. 

Good for you that getting your pet certified as an ESA is not a tedious task. You can do it within minutes from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is get online, find a legit clinic that you can trust and fill in the application form. Wait for your evaluation with a doctor and receive your letter upon qualification. Just make sure that you go through the qualifying conditions in your state before applying for your pet’s ESA certification.

You must take time to think about all of these points not only for your sake but also for your ESA. your pet needs to be in a happy place too to be able to be of any emotional help. When you are able to check all the boxes, feel free to welcome a new family member into your home anytime.

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