12 May

This coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard. With lives on the edge, it seems like a challenge to glance through the quarantine. For people living with mental health issues like anxiety, the situation is even worse. Well, we understand the complexity of the issue but having an emotional support animal in Phoenix can bring an element of positivity in your life.

Why are people getting stressed?

Nobody ever imagined that we would have to face something like this. Humans are programmed to socialize and connect. So, when you are forced to stay in lockdown and avoid any form of contact, it’s bound to affect you. Going on a walk, frequent trips to movies, or just a stroll on the beach are things that keep us sane. Now, when we are not able to do that, our conscious sense responds and it’s hard to react normally. This battle against the virus is evident in the form of stress and mental friction. Spending time with friends and socializing works great in boosting the mood. So, its mere absence is taking a toll on us. 

How can pets be helpful?

Having a pet can bring a huge change in your daily life. Animals exhume love and affection that works in enhancing the mood. It brings a sense of ease that makes you happy. Staying in quarantine can induce thoughts of loneliness and negativity. When you combine this with anxiety, it can be dangerous for your mental health. During this pandemic, episodes of depression are on the rise and this is getting experts worried. 

Most people take anti-depressants to combat stress and depression. These work but come with harmful side-effects. So, in the long run, it can make you dependent on these medications. Honestly, that’s bad for your health. You need something natural that works without any side-effects. Animals are an ideal option for these situations. They can keep you in good spirits in these challenging times. 

Pets provide you with company which makes you realize that in spite of the pandemic, there is someone with you. Animals keep you pampered with love and affection that works in enhancing the mood. You can spend time playing fun games or just snuggle up on your sofa. There is a lot you can do. These activities keep your mind off all the negativity and help you remain sane. Well, if you are going through a mental health issue, talking to an expert can be of great help. 

How can a doctor be helpful?

Mental health experts are trained with the expertise and experience to guide you through the mental battle. They can educate you about how an animal can bring a much-needed change in your life. In addition to that, they can give you access to an ESA recommendation that allows you to live with your pet without any hassle. With telemedicine, everything is easier and manageable. You can interact with the doctor from the comfort of your home and get the recommendation if you qualify. 

How to find the right mental health expert?

Most of the mental health professionals work at certified clinics that accept telemedicine appointments. Well, if you want to find the right doctor for yourself, the following tips can help you:

1) Start with some research. You can go through the online directories and look for clinics within your location. Have a word with them and check if they can provide you with valid recommendations. Do ensure if the doctors are certified because it works as a token of trust. Certifications guarantee a good service. If the research doesn’t help, you can take some help from your friends or family who might own an ESA recommendation. They can help you in finding the right expert or introduce you to their own. 

2) Pay close attention to the ratings and reviews. These give you a glimpse into the doctor’s working prowess. Look for clinics that have a high rating and positive reviews. Ideally, you should make a list of 3-4 clinics with good ratings and you’ll have more options to pin your search on the right one.

3) A clinic’s physical address is important. So, while searching for the right clinic, ensure if it has a physical address. This just makes it clear that a particular clinic is real and not a fake one.

4) When you have an option of 3-4 clinics in hand, you can compare them on various parameters. These include price, expertise, reputation, and experience. Analyze all these factors and select a clinic that offers a good mix of all these. 

What is the process to get an ESA letter?

Getting an ESA letter is fairly easy. In fact, telemedicine has made things easier. During quarantine, the online option is the best way to get your hands on an ESA recommendation. Once you find the right clinic, it usually involves the following process. 

1) It starts with a simple application form that contains your basic details and a bit about your health history. This takes no more than a few minutes and the process is fairly simple. 

2) The clinic goes through your details and links you to a certified mental health expert. 

3) The doctor interacts with you via video call and discusses your health. He or she might ask some questions for a better diagnosis. You should be absolutely transparent in your responses as it helps the doctor in detecting the main issue with your health. The entire aim of this process is to check if you have a medical condition that requires you to keep an emotional support animal in Phoenix. 

4) If the doctor approves it, you have the legal right to own an ESA letter. The recommendation is sent to you via email within minutes. If you want a hard copy, most clinics provide that too.

What to expect after getting an ESA letter?

With an ESA letter, you can earn the right to live freely with your pet. This can be particularly very helpful in quarantine where you cannot step out of your home. You can spend quality time with your pet and get a quick therapy for stress and depression. You also have the right to fly with your pet. So, when things get normal again, you can fly with your pet without any legal troubles. Every airline has its own guidelines. So, just ensure you are in line with the rules and everything else is manageable after that. 
So, having an emotional support animal in Phoenix can keep you sane in quarantine. It will boost your mood and get you through this tough phase. Just stay safe and practice social distancing.

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