05 Jun

COVID-19 made us think deeply about many life choices. One of them is owning a loving pet. Facing a situation where the house members are the only faces you see and boredom gives a visit every day without fail, a need for a cheerful spirit is understandable. So if you have thought of getting a dog during quarantine, rest assured you are not the only one. Many states in the US now happily show empty cages in shelters because the adoption rate amid the pandemic has gone up. So having a pet for your dull lockdown can be the silver lining. Getting a dog is also beneficial for those in need of emotional support. Adopt a furry friend and get it certified as an emotional support animal in Phoenix. You will see your stress and anxiety ease after a few days of adoption.

So go ahead with the adoption process but make sure you read further before making the calls.

Consider some key points first

Adopting a dog or any pet for that matter shouldn’t be a decision based on whims. Your quarantine boredom should not be a deciding factor for adopting a dog. Getting a pet is like getting a newborn baby into the house. They need all your attention and proper care to grow healthy and happy. You cannot just tie up the dog in the corner and be done for the day. You of all should know now what it feels like to be trapped in one place. So if that’s your idea of getting a pet, you are better off without one. There are other few key points you must consider before visiting a shelter. 

One, can you spare enough time for your pet? As I’ve said already, dogs need your attention and care. They need regular walks for physical activity and to finish their business. You will have to keep optimum physical contact with your dog for them to be comfortable around humans and their touch. Dogs need to be trained for at least the basic etiquettes and commands. And all of these activities would need a good amount of conviction and time from your side. 

Two, think ahead. Right now, when most of our time is spent indoors, making time for our pets isn’t a concerning issue. But what happens when the lockdown is lifted completely and the pace of life regains its momentum? Will you have the time then? Your job or school and social life may or may not allow you enough time to engage with your pet anymore. Dogs are prone to experiencing separation anxiety. If they’ve spent the entire quarantine in your presence, your sudden disappearance may not be tolerated well. 

Three, are you financially capable to care for a dog? All of your necessities apply to your pet too. Food, physical activity, regular checkups and accessories, your dog will cost you as much as a normal human. If your financial state isn’t good enough to bear the costs of a pet, it’s best that you don’t get one until you can afford the expenses. 

It is the perfect time for a new family member

If you are capable on all three grounds mentioned above, the good news is, it’s the best time for you to get a pet. Get a comfy bed, some chewy toys and stock up on delicious treats because you need to prepare for a new member in the house.

They can be your lockdown buddy

Dogs are the perfect lockdown partners. Everyone has been facing a monotonous life with nothing to do beyond indoor activities. A happy face running around the house can be a help in this situation. 

Dogs need affection and loads of physical activity. But they will not be able to help themselves. You will have to take them on walks, play fetch once a while and relax together. This way you meet your minimum physical activity requirement and also keep the boredom at bay.

COVID-19 has reduced our social interactions and physical touch with other people in our lives. A dog can help with this lack of our lifestyle. They will give you constant physical touch and prove to be a partner you can socialize with. So you can say that dogs add normalcy to our otherwise changed lifestyles. 

Dogs are stress busters

It is very common for people to feel stressed and anxious during the pandemic. Everyone worries about the health of their loved ones, financial state and the entire lockdown scenario is stressful in itself. But though the critical situations outside cannot be ignored, the impact on our mental state can surely be reduced. And a wagging tail and sloppy kisses can do the trick. 

Dogs are known to provide emotional support to their owners. In fact, some doctors use dogs as a facilitator of therapy. If you have a history of severe anxiety, stress or any other emotional distress, a dog can help you heal. The positive attitude, physical touch and presence of a dog helps regulate the cortisol levels and increase production of happy hormones. Your heart rate also improves and positive feelings take over your negative emotional state. And don’t worry about your landlord’s no pet policy. Get your dog certified as an emotional support animal in Phoenix and you’ll be able to live with your pet without restrictions.

You need to be aware of all the updated precautions due to COVID-19

If you are getting a pet amid the pandemic, it’s important to stay updated with the precautions you need to follow for the safety of your pet as well as your own.

Pet Hygiene

As you may already know that COVID-19 calls for always being cautious about hygiene. While you need to wash hands frequently and wear a mask, your dogs also need to follow a hygiene protocol. There haven’t been any cases of virus transmission from pets but it is also a fact that dog fur can act as a carrier of germs. It is best to keep your pet clean and disinfected. 

After every walk, clean your dog’s fur and paws with a cloth dampened with water and soap. And remember to give them a bath once to disinfect them of all potential pathogens.

Practice social distancing

Social distancing is a safety measure that applies to humans and pets equally. Since the recent reports in the US, it is apparent that animals can get infected with COVID-19 though the infection level is very low. These reports are a call for every pet owner to be more cautious about what your pet touches and who it comes in contact with. 

Avoid taking your dogs to crowded places and let them socialize but at a safe distance only. Do not take them to the supermarket with you and always keep them on a leash whenever you take them out of the house.

So should you get a dog during COVID-19? I’d say why not? But are you ready? I hope you now have a better idea about the decision you need to make. 

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