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Unconditional love, comfort, security by dogs can help ease anxiety. A study published in Frontiers of Psychology confirmed that human-animal interactions can help activate the oxytocin system. Oxytocin is a hormone associated with regulating social bonding. And, it’s not one-sided interaction. A 2012 study reported that when you interact with dogs, their oxytocin levels are also increased.

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There’s a wide range of dog breeds. When getting an emotional support animal Phoenix for anxiety relief, make sure you choose canines that are friendly, calm, affectionate, confidant, and loving. In this post, we are going to discuss the top ESA dog breeds for anxiety sufferers.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds across the United States. They are calm, friendly, loving, and intelligent dogs, and are well-suited for anxiety sufferers.

Golden Retrievers can help you get off fear, and deal with stressful situations. When you gaze into their smiling face, your mood will get boosted up. They have soft coats. If you feel anxious when visiting public places, take this dog along with to ease social anxiety. To keep your Golden Retriever active, make sure you give them appropriate exercise.

These dogs can get along with kids and other pets such as cats and rabbits. 


Poodles are smart, friendly dogs, which can help reduce anxiety. They are able to adapt to any environment, and usually live longer than other breeds. They are easy to train, which means you will experience fewer issues when flying with Poodles.

Poodles are active dogs, thus they require regular exercise. If you are ready to spend an hour outdoors, then these dogs are well-suited for you.

It’s important to note that these dogs shed a lot, thus they require a lot of maintenance. Additionally, these dogs are good with kids. 

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are natural conversation starters. Walk into the street with this beautiful dog, people will stop to see them, and enter into deep discussions with you. Since these dogs are small in size, they are perfect for apartments. Yorkshire Terriers feel happy when they get along with their owners. These little dogs love physical contact, which makes them perfect emotional support animals.

Yorkshire Terriers weigh between 12-15 pounds, and height is 8-9 inches at the shoulder. They have blue-tan coats, which require high maintenance.


Pomeranians are lap dogs, which love being around their owners. Bring home this dog if you are looking for a loyal, close friend. You can take these dogs anywhere you want to.

Pomeranians’ weight range is 3-7 lbs (male and female), and height is 11 inches (male) and 10 inches (female). These little dogs require regular physical exercise, even if it’s a walk in the park. They are good with kids. However, they do well when raised with children.

Due to their small size and alertness, they can be used as companions for seniors. Pomeranians need early socialization. So, owners should bring them to popular sights, people, etc. at a young age. Proper socialization will help your dog grow healthy.

The Takeaway

Emotional support animals provide powerful therapeutic benefits, thus helping people manage anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. When getting an ESA, you have a wide range of dog breed options available. Different breeds have different personality characteristics, so you should carefully select one that suits your needs. For example, Golden Retrievers are calm and loving dogs, which provide anxiety relief. They are active dogs and require regular exercise. Do comprehensive research on different breeds and get one with habits, activity levels, and other characteristics that match your lifestyle.
Once you brought home a pet, make sure you register it as an emotional support animal Phoenix. This will help you get ESA benefits—travel and fly with your dog without paying extra pet deposits or travel fees.

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