07 May

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to shift their work chambers to their homes. But, spending too much time inside your home can cause unnecessary stress. And that can ultimately inhibit your work performance. Including a dog in this scene can help you manage this situation better. But how? It will give you a chance to see whether you need to take a step back or a break with your current situation. Experts suggest that temporary distractions and a little playtime with your dog will allow you to take mental breaks without overexerting yourself. Following this vision, many companies are allowing pets at their workplace to keep the spirits of the employees high. Undoubtedly, one can expect a multitude of benefits of having emotional support animal Phoenix while working. 

Want to know more about the benefits of dogs while working? So, let’s get to it. 

Dogs Are Excellent Stress Busters

A study by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management confirmed that workers with pets have lower stress levels as compared to the ones who were working without any pets. Who can be stressful after those sloppy wet kisses or furry hugs? Sometimes that might sound even better than the options of Netflix. Mental health specialists believe that petting a dog would help you to reduce your blood pressure. Also, having a companion animal by your side adds positivity to your environment and inside you. In fact, stroking a dog would place your mind in a relaxed mode. That will make you feel better while working. 

Dogs Help You to Keep up With Creativity 

If you have a canine partner while working, it will help boost your creativity levels. Presumably, dogs are a source of unconditional love and social support to humans. So, if you feel grumpy or having a bad day at work, your dog will give you the necessary attention. That way, you will have an extra support system to think about more important things. So, once you have that, you can focus on better ideas and solutions for your projects to do better.

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Dogs Help Boosting You Towards Higher Productivity

Many pet owners feel that dogs might affect their concentration or meeting their deadlines. But it’s precisely the opposite. Having a dog by your side will force you to have short walks, respond to the attention or periodic meal demands. By doing that, you will be giving your mind the desired mental break. And your body will get its necessary physical break. Again, pet ownership generally shows a variety of health benefits such as fewer visits to the doctor, improved heart health, and lower cholesterol levels. So, eventually, you will be rewarded with a healthy body and mind. All in all, it will give you the desired boost to improve your overall productivity. 

Dogs Promise an Overall Job Satisfaction 

If you have an emotional support animal Phoenix, you can expect a companion that will make you a happier person at work. You will work on strengthening your skills more than worrying about what’s happening around. Plus, you will have a partner-in-crime right next to you that will make you feel alive no matter what situation you are in. So, you will do a better job without any feelings of stress. It will make you happy while working. So, you will be valuable and will start working on making your work better. And that will induce feelings of overall job satisfaction. 

Dogs At Work- Learn The Science 

A study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University found that having a dog reduces the levels of cortisol. It is a stress hormone that harms the human body in several ways. The study found that only five minutes of a company with an emotional support animal Phoenix helped bring down the levels of cortisol that was equivalent to 20 minutes of rest. 

A 2010 study showed that when you bring your four-legged therapists to work, it becomes easier to collaborate with your associates and colleagues. Stress relief, physical health benefits, and greater trust while working is what a dog offers you when you include him while working. A dog while working is often viewed as a valuable addition to the employee’s mental and physical health. That, in return, gives companies an advantage of better productivity and growth—a win-win situation for all. 

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The Outcome?

One must not forget that the current pandemic has made us confined to our homes. And that’s making people lonely. So, having a dog by your side, whether working or not, will make you feel less vulnerable to such situations. You will never feel alone. On the contrary, you will have a partner by your side 24/7. So, you won’t trap yourself with any useless thoughts. And carrying similar ideas to your work will eventually make you a better employee, despite the situation out there. You can actually think of thriving amid the mess. 

Final Thoughts

The current pandemic is turning out to be a major stressor in the lives of millions. Unluckily, this has led to an increase in the number of layoffs. The economy is plummeting. And in the middle of all that, you find yourself on the verge of a breakdown. How will you manage all that? As we already shared that having an emotional support animal Phoenix will help to lower down your stress levels. You will discover that having a dog by your side will make you happier while creating a relatively comfortable zone around you. It will help you build a camaraderie with your coworkers, making you more efficient in terms of interactions. Consequently, it will result in building trust that will help you deliver better results irrespective of the place.  

Who knows, seeing your positive results, your company also decides to join the list of successful companies that have pet policies at their workplace? Your company could be another Amazon, Google, or Ben & Jerry’s. 

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